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Social and Community Policy
Citibell is built on the foundations of an ethical, honest and responsible business that has a lust for life – living it and protecting it. We have a strong set of corporate values and our people take pride in forming a business that works hard to contribute positively to the environment and societies that we work in. Citibell may be a small company in the context of the global enterprise landscape, but we have big hearts! The company is committed to conducting business ethically and our employees are committed to playing a positive role in our global community. Since we were founded we have embraced ways to support the societies in which we operate, from supporting local charities, hospitals with fundraising initiatives, to matters of global importance, such as poverty and slave trades. We endeavour at all times to ensure that the suppliers we use employ ethical and fair employer policies and manufacturing practices; putting these values before price and profit.

At the heart of our business
Citibell’s commitment to the community flows from our core values and principles. Social investment is not an add-on to business activities, but at the heart of how we engage with the communities, customers, employees, and suppliers that we interact with.

Financial contributions
We are not a very large company but we consider our level of financial contribution to charities and organisations that help fight discrimination, poverty and illness is generous and responsible. During the last year we have directly contributed towards overseas charities helping people to cope with natural disaster, poverty and illness and in the UK we have been supporting severe illness charities and other local schemes as shown in the examples below.

Dedicated to continuous improvement
We will work with our community partners on how we can improve our social investment performance. Citibell will encourage suppliers to develop appropriate programmes of social investment. We will regularly rethink and adapt our approach as we aspire to be fruitful in our aims of corporate social investment.

Citibell's Role in the local Community
As well as schemes to support National and Global Charities, we support associations and organisations in our own local community. Here is an example of some recent initiatives:

Cancer and Childrens Charities
Through Charity events we have already contributed over £15,000 in the last 12 months to CLICK Sargent The Childrens Trust and I.CAN.

Meningitis Trust
Fundraising events and a golf day produced a donation of over £10,000

Community Football Support for 7-11 year olds.

We have worked with the regional FA to provide funding support and sponsorship for grass roots football in our community. This has helped provide equal opportunity to play football to all race, gender and ability groups. We also work with the local authority to help provide good outdoor space for youngsters to play sport.

Computers for Schools
We have supported local schools by donating computers to help create IT suites and provided free support assistance from our Microsoft technicians.


We have sponsored young up-coming karting and motor racing stars of the future and perhaps given them an opportunity that may well not have otherwise existed.
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