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Usage Reporting

Usage Reporting is at the heart of proactive account management. It enables us to see how and when your operatives are using their telephones and devices and where they are not following your usage policy. The reports that you or we generate from our online system will enable the easy identification of the following areas of inefficiency, misuse, wasted time, and much more.

Billing discrepancies:
The networks are not perfect and we will be able to electronically manipulate your data to do a comparison with the amount billed, and seek credit of any over charging.

User inefficiency:
Identify calls outside of bundles, excessive use of directory enquiries, particularly where callers are connected at over 60p minute.

Personal Calls:
Tax legislation does not allow the recovery of VAT on personal calls and this is an area that inspectors are finding very few companies compliant with. We offer a personal call reporting tool on which your end users can identify personal numbers, which are then always reported separately. This will enable you to deal with the cost in line with policy and account for tax properly.

Usage Policy:
We can help you set a usage policy for staff telephones and then report usage in line with that policy and help you to manage users back within policy. A usage policy can also be used as an alternative to reporting personal call usage.

Asset Tracking:
Do you know how many mobile phones and handheld devices you have, or who uses them, or who has a car installation? As part of our function to provide to and support your end users, it is easy for us to maintain a log of all moves and changes that occur. We can maintain an asset register that you can access at any time which is hugely beneficial for accounting reasons and particularly in the event of any changes in fleet products.
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