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Management Reporting
We take your call files directly from the network billing systems and disks to process the information using state-of-the-art billing analysis tools.

A collection of management reports is available online to customers which can be shown in summary, by department/cost centre or by individual. The system will present your results in an intuitive graphical display that you can drill down into, as far as the raw detail of the calls.

You can create searches to identify calls outside of your usage policy, such as, long duration, International, particular dialling codes, competitor’s numbers and pretty much anything you would like to identify. One common query is calls to directory services, such as 118500, where the onward call is connected at a cost to the company of over 60p per minute, often to a local number.

We will run these reports for you once a month or quarter, as required, presenting the information to you in a bound executive report, together with our conclusions and recommendations.
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