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Benefits Of HostedIP
Cost Reduction
Rationalisation of BT lines and the economies of scale through hosted LCR offer a cost model that was not previously attainable. Telecoms related hard costs typically reduced by 25% and possibly more for calls.

Powerful Feature Sets
A vast array of handset options, powerful PBX functionality and computer telephony interfaces provide a fluid and inviting end user experience.

Technology Risk
An end to obsolescence! The responsibility for maintaining and upgrading the network shifts to HostedIP as the Service Provider.

Secure web access for all Moves, Adds and Changes without the need for specialist Telecoms knowledge. The Receptionist can now be the Telecoms Manager!

Self Fulfillment
To get started, new users simply plug their phone into the wall. The phone will configure itself in seconds with their number, profile, hunt groups etc.

HostedIP features strong positive and negative scalability. This linearity ensures that users only pay for services as they consume them.

Speed of Deployment
New services or users can be added almost immediately. With all premises based options there is an installation lead time, which can extend to 20 working to mobilise carriers.
Try Before You Buy
With the ability to provisionally deploy service and the option of 30 day free software trials, HostedIP offers an assurance that you are making the right decision.

Phased Deployment
Because HostedIP can be “rolled out” the days of the big bang, high risk system-wide change are over.

Business Continuity
HostedIP features a fully redundant, geographically distributed network core. We provide a level of service assurance that is simply cost prohibitive for individual businesses.

Home Worker Support
HostedIP sees Home Workers as just another endpoint on the existing client numbering plan. Provision of Home Workers is not dependant on system resource deployed elsewhere.

Overseas Number Management
Overseas numbers can be provisioned to give users a larger footprint and local visibility in their chosen geographic markets. This is particularly suitable to the strong pan European presence among secondary industry in the UK.

Disaster Recovery
In the event that the service is compromised, HostedIP allows continuity options for all inbound and outbound calls to be automatically rerouted. The on-site router will switch to survivability mode until normal service resumes.

PBX Interconnectivity
HostedIP will interface with most existing PBX’s providing full extension transparency and interworking. In this way, customers existing investment is retained and HostedIP can be rolled out where appropriate.
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