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PC Cards:
Data cards plug into your laptop to give you high-speed wireless access to the Internet and your company LAN or WAN so you can work effectively while you're out of the office. They work over the digital cellular network throughout the UK and compliment WLAN connectivity in certain public areas. You will have access to the Internet as if you were sat in the office, and can send/receive emails, download files and utilise other online applications with ease.

High-speed Connectivity
Data speeds are increasing with improved network capability. You will enjoy significantly higher mobile data speeds where there is 3G coverage. If you are outside the range of 3G coverage, the service automatically switches to the GPRS data network. EDGE and HSDPA connectivity is available on certain networks providing greater choice and speed.

Easy to use
You don't need to use your mobile phone to connect and set-up is easy. The cards come with 'Dashboard' software that lets you control and monitor your usage.

A great feature is that you can stay connected around the clock - but you only pay for what you send and receive, so you never have to think about opening and closing connections.
Generation Name Speed*
2G CSD (GSM) 14.4 kb/s
2.5G GPRS 56 kb/s
2.75G EDGE 180 kb/s
3G UMTS (3GSM) 384 kb/s
3.5G HSDPA 700 kb/s

* approx speeds
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