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“Cost effective voice solutions meeting your business needs”

Mobile voice telephony has become a fundamental tool to any business since its introduction in the late ’80s. Now, it is hard to imagine how a modern business would operate if staff weren’t accessible to colleagues and customers alike, whenever and wherever they are. So much so, that access to a mobile phone is a given in most businesses today.

However, the ability to enable your staff to be called or make calls ubiquitously comes with a price in terms of management and real costs. With the choice of network providers, their changing tariffs and service bundles; management of mobile telephony is further complicated. Adding handset diversification, in-car equipment and accessories; makes control of equipment and usage a huge task for many businesses.

This is where Citibell fit in. We understand the needs of modern businesses in terms of obtaining better value from their mobile infrastructure, provider relationships and effective usage.

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