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Today there is a vast range of business handsets and other devices. Whether you prefer reliable, robust, stylish or complex, we’ll supply and support the right hardware for your company, and each individual as necessary.

How to choose?
Your choice of handset should suit your business processes and mobile requirements, taking into account any developments that may occur in the coming months. For example, consider whether you will require mobile data, VPN services, or compatibility with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or VOIP systems. Camera phones may not be allowed at your customers’ premises and certain industries value robustness over style.

How to pay?
When moving to Citibell some customers may change handsets for certain individuals or across the fleet. This may be for practical reasons, such as adding email push capability, or merely a desire to have a more up to date handset. Other customers may be uncertain when best to upgrade. Typically, we provide our customers with an annual hardware fund to draw on for new equipment as necessary. Our customers find this scenario most convenient and any amounts unused can be reimbursed at year end.
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