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Audit / Cost Reduction
Telecom services are among the most difficult to manage in any business. These services account for one of the five largest expenses a business will face. Vendors generate complex and confusing invoices that are severely outdated and prone to errors. Pricing and services change constantly, making it very difficult for companies to keep up with their least expensive options. Cutting telecom costs is not a simple process and you are probably paying more than you should. By addressing cost reduction and management issues, you can cut costs dramatically!

At Citibell our telecom services will recover your company’s overpayments on telecom bills and can effectively manage future telecom services and billing to continue bringing you future savings.

Through our cost reduction program, we will perform an extensive review and audit of your telecom services. By thoroughly reviewing existing services not only can our auditors find multiple billing errors that can be refunded back to your company, Citibell will act as your telecom broker and negotiate with multiple telecom companies in order to bring you the best service for your money, ultimately reducing your overall telecom expenses.

Using online systems, we will provide you with simple overview reports and analysis you need to fully understand your costs and the ability to drill down into the data at department or user to really understand what is going on in your business

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