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Hosted VOIP
HostedIP the Scaleable, Flexible System

HostedIP provides the functions and benefits associated with most telephone systems, but with the added flexibility and benefit of VOIP. A new installation of HostedIP can be supplied quickly and can be up and running in hours. Literally plug-in your handset and you are live on your extension in just a few seconds. HostedIP can be a few devices at a small single site install or right up to a large multi site organisation with hundreds of endpoints, wireless and home workers.

With HostedIP you benefit from an excellent set of call rates for, UK, mobile and International destinations or you can link other preferred carriers to HostedIP for your calls.

For end users, the “look and feel” of their telephone system will not have changed. They still have a range of sophisticated desk handsets, headsets, cordless, fax machines and the rich telephony feature sets they have come to expect, but with a new level of flexibility.  
System Features: PBX Feature Set -
All supplementary telephone system features, such as DDI numbers, hunt groups, call pick-up, caller ID, call queuing, do not disturb, call diversion, conference calling, etc are delivered as standard.

Simultaneous Ring
Automatically ring your mobile if your DDI is not answered.

Shared Call Appearance -
Have your home IP phone ring simultaneously when you receive a call on your office DDI.

Call Screening -

Prioritise and manage your inbound caller privileges.

Unified Messaging -

VoiceMail delivered to your email Inbox as standard.

PBX Interconnectivity
HostedIP can provide a 100% IP based telephony system, or a hybrid of both the traditional and IP worlds by interconnecting with existing PBX systems. This connectivity is transparent to system users with a consistent numbering plan, desk-to-desk dialing and full feature transparency. Particularly for larger deployments, this any-to-any interworking will allow customers to retain their existing investment in systems and allow a phased rollout of HostedIP endpoints.

Home Worker Support
The addition of any number of Home Workers is not dependant on services deployed elsewhere. HostedIP sees Home Workers as just another endpoint on the existing client numbering plan.
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